samsung screen shot

How to screenshot on a Samsung phone

A screenshot seems like such a simple thing but until you know how to do it, it can be a source of endless frustration. It’s not something advertised but it’s a feature everyone else seems to know about. Well look no further, this guide will tell you in 3 clear and concise steps how to take a screenshot on your new Samsung phone.

1. Unlock your phone and navigate to the screen you want to screenshot
2. Simultaneously press and hold the power button and the home button. Make sure you press them both at the same time or you will find yourself either locking your phone or exiting to the home screen. Both of which can not only be incredibly frustrating but delay what should be a quick and simple process
3. That’s it! Your phone will have taken and saved a screenshot. You can now go to the Gallery app or the in-built ‘My Files’ folder to view and share your screenshot. Just make sure you share the right image with the right person! Metrofone will not be held responsible for any embarrassment caused from your sending something meant for your best friend to your mum

It gets better!

This method works not only on all Samsung phones, but on any Samsung device. So, whether you’ve bought the latest phone or have a Samsung Galaxy Tab, you can now take a screenshot with ease and confidence!