How to get iOS 14 on your iPhone

2020 has brought a huge load of improvements to the tech world including 1OS14 and here’s how to get iOS 12 beta on your iPhone before anyone else. Unfortunately, iOS 14 isn’t available to just anyone, you do have to be a developer to access it. Having access to iOS 14 beta will allow you to enjoy certain features before anyone else.


iOS 14 Features

There are hundreds of different updates that come with the iOS 14 system, from security, iMessage and even Apple Maps updates. In fact, with the new iOS, you’ll get a whole new home screen update. From the moment you update the iOS device, you’ll be able to add different widgets, from news stories to weather, to your home screen rather than on a separate page. You will also be able to stack your most used apps one above the other. In the times when you use them most, they’ll appear in a different order, making your experience quicker and more simple.

With the iMessages, the group conversation side of it has had a much larger upgrade. Sometimes, group chats can get really tedious when you’re just not in the mood to chat in them. Now, you can mute group chats however, when your name is mentioned, you’ll get a notification to let you know you’re wanted. You can also go back through a group chat and reply to an old message directly. This will create a separate thread to make keeping track way easier. With any chats, you can pin them at the top of your notifications. This means your popular contacts will be easier than ever to access.

A brand new feature is to do with your Apple wallet. With iOS 14, you’ll be able to start your car with your iPhone. Of course, it does have to be compatible however, it will make your life way easier. Using a wireless charger, you’ll be able to start your car engine. By just standing near your car, you’ll be able to unlock it. If you only have one key but share your car, you can even share the keys via the Apple wallet when your phone dies, you will still be able to unlock your car or start the engine for up to five hours.


How to get iOS 14 on your iPhone

If you really can’t wait until Apple releases the next update of iOS, you’ll have to register as an Apple developer. This involves signing up through Apple and paying a fee. You will not be able to access the beta version if you are not a developer, for now anyway. The final beta version of the new update will be available in July with the release coming in September, expectedly alongside the iPhone 12. This means everyone who owns an iPhone after the SE 2016 will be able to make use of the update very shortly.

Before you have access to the beta version, you’ll need to head over to the Apple program enrolment page and set up an account. Instructions will carry you through this. When signing up, you will need an Apple ID, personal documentation and money for the sign up fee. Much like any other updates, you’re going to want to make sure all your data is backed up beforehand. It’s highly likely that there are a few bugs on the beta version because it is not the complete one.

To actually download iOS 14, you’ll need to download the compatible profile from on to your iOS device. It will not work on an Android device. Tap the three lines above each other in the top left to release a drop down menu. Select download and scroll down until you see iOS 14 beta and tap install profile. You will then need to go into Settings > General > Profile and select the new option. From here, you should be able to enjoy the update as it is. You will have to do another update when it’s finally released.


Of course, to try out iOS 14, you’re going to need a new iPhone too. Make sure you take a look at our range of amazing iPhone deals to get the very best technology sooner.