Apple iphone 11 launch

How to Enable Dark Mode on iPhone 11 Pro

The new models of iPhone have just been announced and that includes the spectacular iPhone 11. With the launch of the new iPhones comes a new version of the operating system. IOS 13 comes as standard on the new iPhone 11 range and features some great innovations and features.

What is Dark Mode?

Well, put simply this changes all of those white screens with black text that you see everywhere in the iPhone to be black (or dark grey) screens with white text. This means that all the system menus, pop-up menus and options are all going to appear with a nice white font on a dark background. Believe it or not, this has been one of the most often requested features for the iPhone for a long time.

Why Dark Mode?

It has been shown that using a phone in dark mode will reduce the strain on your eyes and with modern OLED screens, a dark mode helps improve the battery life as well. With an OLED screen, any part of the screen that is not lit up is not consuming battery, so if most of your screen is black then your battery will last a lot longer. This coupled with the bigger battery in the iPhone 11 Pro should see you easily lasting the day on a single charge.

Will Dark Mode Work Everywhere?

By default, Dark Mode works with all system-wide apps on your device. This means that messages, safari, maps, the camera, the calendar and all internal menus should automatically become dark. However, this won’t work with all third-party apps. The feature is however now available for new apps to use. Some apps implement their own dark mode, but any app will now be able to take advantage of the feature and switch to the dark side.

Where Do I Find It?

The controls for dark mode are available from inside the control centre. The control centre can easily be accessed by either swiping up from the bottom or down from the top right. In the control centre, you will see an option for activating the dark mode. You can have it off or on, or you can set it to come on at a certain time. So, if you want dark mode at night, you can set that and then go back to light mode during the day. This is a great idea when you want to use your device late at night without disturbing your partner.

When Can I Get Dark Mode?

As mentioned, dark mode is coming on iOS 13 which is featured by default on the new iPhone 11 Pro. The iPhone 11 Pro is being released on September 20thwith pre-orders starting on September 13th. The great news is that iOS 13 is also coming to older devices as well, so if you have an existing device you should be able to upgrade to iOS 13 from September 19thand then you will be able to use dark mode on these too.