How to choose a mobile phone

One of the most stressful parts of buying a new contract is knowing how to choose a mobile phone and making sure it’s right for you. You’ll also want to make sure you choose the right contract. Data amounts, monthly costs, connectivity and tariff add ons all play towards this.

There are hundreds of things to take a look at when buying a new contract but we’re going to take a look at the most important 6. You want to look at which mobile phone you want and find a deal that suits you and your phone perfectly.


iOS or Android?

Deciding whether you would like iOS or Android as an operating system cuts out a huge chunk of smartphones on the market. Narrowing down your options as much as possible before making your mind up will make your decision far less stressful.

All Apple phones work on iOS whereas, the majority of other phones work on Android. There are a whole ton of benefits that push each operating system up the ladder. The main perks of getting an Apple phone is that they work extremely well with other Apple devices, Apple accessories are found almost everywhere and major iOS updates are done regularly and in full.

Android gives you a wider choice of phones as it’s on almost all other devices other than iPhones. You can find Android on major brands such as Samsung, Sony, LG, Nokia, etc… This is one of the biggest benefits as you have so much to choose from. You’ll also find that handsets that support Android follow technical advances far quicker than iOS do and that most Android Devices support USB-C charging so you only need to carry one charger.


Touchscreen or Buttons?

Nowadays, most mobile phones are touchscreen. Anything that isn’t tends to be quite outdated. It’s pretty simple to figure out which type of handset you would like as they both give different needs. If you’re looking for something with a larger display for gaming, streaming or even if you just enjoy it, a touch screen would definitely be for you. For people looking for something simple and not too high-tech, you may opt for a device with buttons just for the ease.


Something new or something reliable?

Some people might want to experiment with different phones and brands until they find something they love. They may even be up for trying a few brands that you may not have heard of. A lot of people would much rather stick with what they know is good and what other people rave about.

For those looking to stick with some really reliable phones, your options would probably be between Apple, Samsung and some of the other big tech brands. Brands such as these have thousands of fans all over the world and are constantly in the news for everything they’re doing. Their phones are known for being easy to use, nice to look at and affordable prices.

Anyone looking to experiment with some new brands, there are plenty of smartphones out there for you. From the likes of Xiaomi and Honor, you can get feature packed smartphones at amazing prices. Anyone that has tried these brands will know just how good their phones really are. Up and coming brands are a great option for someone looking to save some money whilst getting new features and technology.


What do you need most from your phone?

Learning how to choose a mobile phone means you have to access what you really need your phone for. By this we mean, do you use your phone for work, gaming, watching films, photography or just calls and texts? Making sure you get a smartphone that works exactly as you need it will make your life a whole lot easier.

Great options for those who work from their phones are devices such as the Samsung Notes, OnePlus phones and Sony mobiles. These all have great processors, big screens and work as computers in your pocket. People looking to stream or game from their phones, your top options would be Sony flagship phones, OnePlus devices or big additions from Xiaomi. These all have amazing powerhouses and have been altered so that your experience is completely different. Anyone looking for a digital camera in their pocket, you would want to take a look at the likes of Sony, Samsung and Huawei mobiles. These are some of the most competitive mobile cameras on the market at the moment.


4G or 5G?

Deciding whether you need 4G or 5G may seem like a decision for your actual contract but, not all phones are compatible with this level of connectivity. Smartphones must be built with the correct processors and chipsets in order to be compatible with 5G connectivity. Currently, there isn’t a huge amount of devices available as it’s a relatively new piece of connectivity to hit the market.

5G will give you noticeably faster download and upload speeds, uninterrupted streaming and faster speeds in general. You are only able to make use of this connectivity if your area is covered, it’s not yet all over the UK.


Hopefully, we’ve helped you even the smallest bit with choosing your dream phone and perfect deal. With such a huge range of different smartphones on the market, it can be super difficult to choose the right one.