How do you switch off the Samsung Galaxy S20?

When you get a new phone, you have to learn everything all over again so how do you switch off the Samsung Galaxy S20?

It’s pretty simple when you really think about it. The method of turning of the S20 range doesn’t differ too much from the previous S10 range. It’s always great to be sure though!


How do you switch off the Samsung Galaxy S20?

Whilst it’s not something every single person does, knowing how to turn your phone off is very important. You never know when you urgently need no disruptions.

Turning your phone off is very similar to turning your phone on. You will need to hold down the lock button until a pop-up appears on the screen.

You’ll see 3 different options: Power Off, Restart and Emergency Mode. If you now click on ‘power off’, your phone will begin to switch off. You may be met with the power off icon on its own after doing this. If so, simply select the icon again and wait for your phone to switch off.

Switching On the S20

There’s no point buying a phone if you can’t even turn the thing on! Good thing it’s still super easy and fuss free.

To turn your phone on, simply press and hold the lock button until the Samsung logo appears on screen. It may take a few seconds; however, you just need to be patient. Once the Samsung logo appears, you can release the buttons and the phone will turn on in the next few seconds.

You’ll be asked to enter your PIN rather than use a fingerprint/facial recognition. This is purely a security measure should your phone be lost or stolen.

How do you restart the Samsung Galaxy S20?

When your phone freezes, you are going to need to know how to restart your phone with ease. It’s actually super easy and very similar to switching your phone off!

First of all, you need to hold down the lock button on the side of the phone. Three icons will appear on the screen and you will need to select restart button. Your phone should now begin to restart.

If the restart icon pops up again, just select it and the restart will occur.


One of the best things about Samsung is the usability of their mobiles. Everything is as simple as possible whilst offering the best performance as possible. That’s probably why they’re so successful!