foldable google phone

Google to Introduce Foldable Phone

No doubt having a foldable phone is something that a lot of people are all talking about recently. The central principle was the idea that the phone could fold much like a book and then be opened up as and when it was needed. It was a strange concept for sure, but one that piqued the interest of many when it first came out.

And now it seems that Google is jumping onto the bandwagon too – they’ve recently released a series of patents which suggest that when it comes to the foldable phone, they are planning to get in on the action.

Foldable Phone, Google Style

However, this wouldn’t be Google if it wasn’t different, and so both of the designs that are up and on the web feature two different concepts. The first of which folds over like a wallet, and seems to be a take on the conventional clamshell phone. The screen doesn’t look especially significant, but there’s no doubt that this will still be a functionally impressive piece of technology when we consider that Google is at the helm of it.

The other design is something different altogether. It’s an extraordinary sort of Z design, which folds twice and fits into the pocket with more ease. Again, this is something which is quite perplexing, but if it works, who are we to judge? There’s an element of mystery with this one because no one is quite sure how it’s going to work from a practical standpoint, but it still looks fascinating.

Our Take

So, of course, you’re wondering what we think! Well, they’re two exciting concepts. There’s a design idea that no one else has considered up until now, and that makes them highly enjoyable and exciting to think about. The idea of something folding like a Z or even just over like a wallet is such a departure from what everyone else has come up with, it’s crazy.

From a practical standpoint, there is cause for concern in a lot of cases. We’re interested to see how they work, and which screen offers what feature for people to use. Of course, we’ll also be excited to see whether the new design will require a new type of operating system, and how Google will rise to meet the challenge which has been thrown. Their plans are incredible, and they push the boundaries of what we consider to be a phone.

Overall, it’s interesting to see what options are available for people to consider when it comes to the new designs that Google are offering, and it’s clear to see that they’re trying to change an industry that hasn’t even come into prominence yet. While it’s true that they’re just plans and nothing has been announced, it’s a good indicator of what Google has in store for the world and what they think will be appealing to people. We’re looking forward to the process that goes into making these, and how the company will solve some of the more subtle issues these designs could have.