Get to know the Samsung Galaxy A71

Released in January 2020, you’re going to want to get to know the Samsung Galaxy A71, bringing you the latest features, slick design and top speeds. Whether you’re looking for a budget friendly device or something to introduce you to technology, the A71 is a top option. Enjoy the best of Samsung technology at a much lower price.


Classic Samsung Design

When you see the range of Samsung products available, you’ll see a trend in their design. All Samsung phones are extremely clean and smart looking. They all have a range of available colours to allow you to find your perfect match too. You can even find this kind of design on lower range devices. By offering this feel across all their phones, you’ll be able to enjoy a high end finish for a super low price, which will just draw you in even more. With the Samsung Galaxy A71, you couldn’t expect anything less than exactly this.

Enjoy a 6.7 inch Super AMOLED Plus display, offering you the highest resolution. Anything that you view on this screen is going to be in great amounts of detail. Not to mention, you’ll have more room than ever to see everything you love. With Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protecting the screen, you can trust that this phone is in great hands. Of course, we would always suggest purchasing a screen protector just to add that extra level of safety however, this screen is full of quality. Whether you’re trying to enjoy films, browsing the internet or even just social media, you’ll do it in detail.

This overall slick design rolls over the rounded edges on to the back of the phone too. With a plastic back, you won’t have to worry about ever cracking it. Enjoy a very smooth, clean finish with very little taking away from the overall colour. You will be able to choose between Prism, Crush Black, Silver, Blue and Pink, all offering the same finish but a very different feel. With an under display fingerprint sensor and a very neat camera, you don’t have to worry about any sort of eye sores on this phone.


Samsung Galaxy A71 Camera Set Up

The camera on any smartphone is what shows you just how high tech the brand is. On the back of the Galaxy A71, you’ll find a quad lens camera with some pretty amazing features. Inside this camera set up is a 64MP wide lens, 12MP ultrawide lens, 5MP macro lens and a 5MP depth lens. Each of these lenses will offer extremely high quality photos, all full of detail. More importantly, each lens will give you a completely different shooting style, allowing you to capture the world in your own approach.

You will take most of your photos using the 64MP wide lens. This will produce extremely high quality images that will turn heads when on display. This lens is great for taking photos of friends, objects and a lot more. For times when you’re finding yourself stepping back to get more in one photo, you’ll be able to switch to the ultrawide lens. With this lens, you’re essentially taking a step back and allowing more into one frame, all without moving from your spot. Perfect for scenic photos or even group photos, you’ll find this feature super useful.

Both the macro and depth lens are going to allow you to get a lot more creative in your photographing. Allowing your photos to pop more is the depth lens. It will focus on your subject, pulling out all the highlights and shadows to make it really stand out. Whilst doing this, it will also carefully soften the background, without losing any details. With the macro lens, you’ll be able to get up close and personal with anything you’re photographing. This is specifically amazing when you’re looking at nature. You can find details and colours you can’t even see with the naked eye.


Top Spec Features

Of course, a phone is all well and good with a great camera and a stunning design but, if it doesn’t work smoothly, where’s the point? Luck for you, Samsung have never had that problem. With the Snapdragon 730 and Android 10 working together, you’re going to experience some amazing speeds. You shouldn’t have to worry about interruptions when browsing. Simply enjoy the Samsung Galaxy A71 without having to worry about any buffering of slow speeds. Android 10 also offers a super user friendly system, easy to navigate and get used to.

Not to mention, the battery on this smartphone is pretty impressive too. Keeping this thing powered is a 4500mAh battery, compatible with fast charging. On average, this battery should last up to 102 hours with average use. This means you’ll be able to enjoy your day without ever having to worry about your phone losing charge. Even when it does run low on battery power, simply plug your phone in for a super quick recharge!


Best Samsung Galaxy A71 Deals

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If once you’ve got to know the Samsung Galaxy A71, it just isn’t for you, there are plenty of other amazing budget smartphones that hold some top specifications. You don’t have to lose quality for price anymore.