samsung galaxy note 10 concept

Galaxy Note 10 – Trumping Galaxy Note 9?

Okay, so let’s talk a little bit about the Samsung Galaxy Note 10. It’s the new model which is coming out very soon, and people are understandably pretty excited for it. However, in the meantime, until it comes out, there’s going to be a whole lot of rumours circulating, and we know that you’re going to want the best details for them that we’ve got on offer.

So, we thought that we would spend a little bit of time looking into the rumours which have been put out by the internet surrounding the new Galaxy Note 10, and exploring what it can do for you.

Samsung  Note 10 Rumours

Okay, so let’s address the real crisis here. There’s talk the Note 10 won’t have a headphone jack. That’s seriously not a happy thought. For those of you that don’t know, a lot of the major companies have removed the headphone jacks from their models recently, and it’s not been all that great. We get that from a design perspective it’s to push the wireless headphones, but there’s a lot of people who still like having a headphone jack in place. However, we’re sure that Samsung knows this, and they won’t just toss it out.

On the other hand, it’s been tipped that this is a phone which will come with no buttons at all. The future is shaping up to be all touchpads and sensors. That isn’t something which is necessarily a problem, but instead something that was always going to happen. The next generation of phones is arriving faster than you’d think, and it’s all thanks to the idea that we don’t need a button anymore.

4 Phones, 4 Options

Okay so let’s take a look at one of the other more prominent rumours which have been circulating surrounding this device. The common consensus is that this is one phone out of a possible four. This is not uncommon, as we are pretty used to companies releasing multiple models at the same time to give people as much choice as they want. Something that we can only hope for is that each model is decidedly different from the others, but still be similar enough that you’re not missing out. We want a middle ground here.

Okay, so let’s recap on the rumours that we’ve managed to collect together here. We don’t think that they will remove the headphone jack because that would be reasonably short-sighted. But we do believe, however, that it is that it’s highly possible there won’t be any buttons because let’s be honest, we don’t need them any more. It’s also reasonably likely that we will be experiencing four different models of the same phone, which is pretty standard for the industry at this point.

As a company,  Samsung is pretty on the ball when it comes to giving customers what they want, and we can only presume that with their vast experience they won’t go too badly wrong. However, it is just a case of waiting and seeing, and then embracing whatever it is we get.