Free Headphones When You Pre-Order Sony Xperia 5

Sony recently unveiled details about the launch of the new Sony Xperia 5 and it is not long now until you will be able to get your hands on it. Pre-Orders are already opened and we are pleased that we are getting a huge number of handsets being reserved. If you don’t know what the story is with this handset then here is a recap of the details.

Free Sony Headphones 

Sony is being very generous to people when it comes to this new phone. If you pre-order your Xperia 5 between 19/9/19 and 3/10/19 then you will be getting a great extra. Not only will you be certain of getting one of the best new phones on the market, but Sony will also be giving you a free pair of Sony WF-1000XM3 Headphones as well. These are one of their latest offerings and retail for around £220. So that is a great deal. The Headphones themselves are a stunning set of earbuds that come in their own charging case. They are completely wireless and pair well with the new handset, so you will get top-quality sound every time.

The Xperia Range

The Xperia range has been a fantastic seller for Sony over the years and this incarnation is set to be the best every. So what does the Xperia 5 give you? This is a stunningly well designed 6.1-inch handset that is laid out in Sony’s classic CinemaWide format. This means that the display is a 21:9 ratio screen that is optimised to show off your media to its highest quality. It makes watching anything on the device a real pleasure. This is accompanied by stunning Dolby Atmos sounds. So whether you are watching in your room, or using your free gift then the quality is going to be a treat for your ears as well as for your eyes.

 Sony Xperia 5 specs 

As well as a top of the range display, you get a triple-lens camera on the rear. This features Sony’s custom Eye AF (Autofocus) technology. This means that your subject will always be in focus no matter how much they move. The images are going to be great and realistic, so capturing your life is going to be a real joy. If you want to take some video footage then there is a full range 4K HDR movie recording camera on board. This means that you won’t need to be lugging around some big heavy monster when it comes to making stunning videos. Storage starts at 128Gb built-in with 6GB RAM onboard which is a decent size.

Though you can up this with a MicroSD if you wish. You will have ample space to download TV shows and movies so even if you are out of the range of WiFi or 4G you will still be able to watch movies whilst out on the go. The only hard decision you have to make is what colour you want the device in. So why wait, get in touch with us and get your pre-order in now, you will have your Sony Xperia 5 in your hands as soon as it is released!