Free Apple Music Subscriptions with EE

Who doesn’t love something for free right? We already love our exclusive network partner EE, because well, they are quite impressive. EE has the best coverage map in the UK, and that is partly why we just adore them. However, it doesn’t end there as they also have some seriously great free gifts for their users.

Free Apple Music


While this might sound far too good to be true, it really is happening. If you purchase an iPhone via one of our already outstanding deals, you might notice the free gifts listed against some of the deals and one of these is Apple Music. The simply fabulous people at EE have decided to give new customers who pick a qualifying deal six months free access to Apple Music. Which in itself is a really great offer, but they are not done yet! EE has also generously said that they would also cover any data used with this offer, so you do not have to use your allowance. This means that if you use the free Apple Music subscription and are not connected to a wifi network, therefore using 4G, you will not be burning through your data. Frankly, we think this is a simply stunning deal.

So if you really love to listen to music on the move, then this could be the perfect deal for you. It could mean that the morning commute is more interesting or give you the best workout soundtrack ever. This is a really generous move as Apple themselves only offer new subscribers three free months and shows the commitment EE have to stay at the top of their game.

Other Offers


If you are not a music buff or were planning on choosing a handset from a different manufacturer, then do not fear, as EE also have other perks available to customers choosing a new mobile phone contract with them. If you love BT Sports, then you could find yourself with access to this great streaming service for three months again absolutely free of charge. This is a great way to find out whether the service has what you need, so you can either continue to pay for the subscription after the free period or if you haven’t found what you wanted then cancel.

Either way, this is a stunning added extra for sports fans and means that you never need to miss a game again. With this deal the data is on you, so you will need to remember that if you are not connected to a wifi network and streaming from the app, your data will be used. As long as you make sure you pick a data package that adequately covers your needs, then this should not be a massive problem. This is another generous offer from EE who also boast that their customers can take advantage of 4G speeds of up to 60Mbps which is seriously impressive and super fast. So, why not have a look at the vast range of EE deals we have today!