Festival Phones – Have you got one?

If you’re heading to a festival this weekend, you need to make sure you have your festival phones packed! Don’t risk damaging your expensive phone when you can invest in a cheap, make-do for the weekend.


Samsung Galaxy J4 Plus

You’re going to be looking for a phone to take good photos, keep track of your friends and look subtle for a low price, this is the phone you want. With a battery that lasts 23 hours, you would think that you would need to charge it quite a bit. You aren’t going to be using your phone every hour of the day, you will be able to make this last a while.

A rear camera ensures you won’t miss a moment to snap the perfect picture. You’ll be able to capture every shot however; this phone is best for keeping in contact.


Alcatel 1066

An Alcatel 1066 is perfect if you are looking for a phone that is easy to use, not too big and lasts a long time. The screen is only 1.8 inches so you can slip it in your pocket and not even feel it!

Something you probably didn’t even thing about; a flashlight! If you snatch this up, you’ll have an all in one. There’s nothing worse than climbing out of a tent into the dark with no help to see but the Alcatel will have your back.

This phone holds a pretty good battery life which is perfect when you’re too busy enjoying yourself. You shouldn’t need to spend your time worrying about your phone dying.


Motorola Moto G6 Play

A strong battery, a reasonably good camera and expandable memory. What more could you want?

If you know you are going to take lots of pictures, you can pop an SD card into the phone. You won’t need to worry about deleting photos to make room for more. You can by the SD card from Amazon for this phone.

The battery is expected to last for 41 hours, which is more than enough time. This festival phone may need a little boost but not very often.

You’ll be shocked with the level of quality this camera offers with how cheap this phone is. Snap some acceptable festival photos and you won’t be embarrassed to show them!

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