EE sim only deals

EE Sim Only Deals

EE-Sim Only Deals

Pay as You Go can seem like the cheapest way to have a mobile phone contract, however it is certainly not without drawbacks and can actually offer a false economy. If you have a handset that you love and do not want to part with, you might assume that you are stuck on a Pay as You Go contract. However, an EE SIM only deal could be your best bet.

Pay as You Go

Many people opt to have a Pay as You Go because they like the fact that they are not tied to a contract however it really can be more expensive than you realise. Imagine you pop £10 on your handset every two weeks, costing you £20 a month. We have six SIM only deals for this or less each month, and they come with a wealth extras that you might well not get on your Pay as You Go deal.

The other problem with PAYG is that when the credit runs out the handset stops working until you top it up again, which means you may find yourself frantically hunting for a top-up card or cursing because you left your debit card at home. The advantage of a pay monthly contract is that you will never find your handset stops working, and we offer a deal that makes this even better. You can choose to have your SIM card on a 12-month basis or, if being tied to a longer contract bothers you, purchase it on a 30-day rolling contract instead. This means that you can renew every month, but if you wish to quit, well nothing is actually stopping you.


All of the deals that we have negotiated with EE when it comes to SIM only plans feature unlimited talk and texts which means you are free to chat away. Only premium rate and out of country calls would be charged any differently so be sure to check if you are not sure. Secondly, we have a great range of data options so you will never need to have a surplus of data at the end of your month, or more worryingly more month than you have data. By bagging a data deal that best suits your needs, you will have the freedom to use your handset anyway you choose.

Added Extras

The fun does not stop there, because our friends at EE are such lovely people we have managed to convince them to include some really great free gifts for our SIM only customers and these come in the form of some awesome streaming services. Firstly you could choose to have three months free access to BT Sports which is really great if you don’t want to miss your favourite matches and games, or if your SIM card is going into an iPhone you can have six months free access to Apple Music, and EE will even cover the data, so you do not have to use your allowance. Pretty cool huh?

EE Sim Only Deals
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