apple iphone 11 rumours

Dummy iPhone 11 Models Out for Review

When September starts to loom on the horizon Apple fans, and critics alike, start to hunt for hints about the new arrivals due to be launched when autumn arrives.

There have been rumours swirling for a good few weeks now but our friends over at 9to5Mac can put some questions to bed for us as they have been lucky enough to receive some dummy models that give us all some idea of what the handsets will look like. They have passed us the information and we are so excited to share what we know with you. 

There Will Be Three Handsets

Ok, this is not totally unexpected to be fair, there were three last year with the iPhone XS, the iPhone XS Max and the iPhone XR.

It seems that they are not planning to stray much from this formula and will be replacing all three with the new iPhone 11, iPhone 11Max and the iPhone 11R. So, this means you have the slightly cut down iPhone 11R, and the pretty much equal spec’d iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Max with the latter featuring a larger screen and therefore (we would assume from previous incarnations) a bigger battery to support it. Dummy models are to give an idea of design and do not work as such, and while Apple might make more changes they are not likely to drastically move away from these offerings. 

New Camera Housing

So the main difference that iPhone fans will notice immediately is the drastic change to the camera housing. On the current flagship handsets the rear camera is arranged in a vertical arrangement we affectionately call the traffic light housing. With a dual lens camera stacking with the LED in a single line. This time Apple, who do like to be fashionably late with their changes, have opted for the square camera housing we have already seen from offerings like the Huawei Mate Pro.

Camera technology has never been an issue for Apple and their handsets always compete on a level playing field with the best of the rest and it looks like they have made sure there is no danger of being left behind. The desire to go last stems from watching other companies fail with new technology and making sure they present stable offerings that have no teething problems – which is one of the reasons we love them. 

So, what this means is that both the iPhone 11 and the iPhone 11 Max now have triple lens cameras arranged cubicly, along with the LED flash. The iPhone 11R steps up from being a single lens offering to a dual lens handset but retains the same housing look to brand it as one of the gang. The lenses are offset in a quirky pattern which gives it a unique look compared with other similar camera housings. 

It is clear from the dummy handsets that Apple are keen to show off the new cameras, so we assume these are going to be launched as one of the biggest features, along with the tried and tested colours, of space grey, silver, gold and rose gold. Join us at the launch event online to see what else is changed!