Does the iPhone 11 support 5G networks?

With every new phone that is released at the moment, the question on everyone’s lips seems to be around 5G. Apple has just held a special press event that was live streamed to the world and this featured a lot of new tech including a new range of iPhones. The iPhone 11 range is coming very soon, but will it be able to access 5G networks?

What is 5G?

When it comes to mobile internet it is all about speed. Back in the 3G days, it was painful to try and do more than email and maybe read a webpage on your phone. 4G upped that with fast mobile internet. 5G is another level again. This brings superfast internet to mobile devices. With the promise of being able to instantly stream UHD movies and content to your device. The network is still being rollout out across the UK but is expected to be in most major cities by the end of 2019.

The iPhone 11 and 5G

The short answer to the question of the iPhone 11 and 5G is that it isn’t 5G compatible. This is no bad thing as the 4G network is still really good. Not to mention that the coverage for 5G just isn’t there yet. The 4G network on the iPhone 11 does work incredibly well though and you will still get a nice fast internet connection on the device.

Why Have They Done This?

Apple themselves haven’t said anything about the decision to not go for 5G but we can speculate that there may be a couple of reasons why not. Firstly as we mentioned the network coverage isn’t there yet. Whilst it is still being rolled out, most users won’t be able to take advantage of it yet. 4G coverage is very wide-spread and whilst 5G devices can use the 4G network, for most people likely to get an Apple device 5G is just not a factor yet.

What Else?

The other possibility is that Apple maybe just isn’t yet ready to roll out a 5G modem into their phones. Apple typically uses its own chipsets in the devices and maybe it is just isn’t ready for 5G. This could mean that Apple is planning on releasing 5G models slightly further down the line. For most people buying the iPhone 11 though, this is going to be their phone for the next two years. It could be though that Apple is hoping to sell them an upgrade or a new phone in 6-12 months.

Will it Work?

Whilst technology and, in particular, the mobile industry moves quickly Apple’s gamble could well be a good one. Though Apple always looks to innovate when it comes to their devices, they are generally slower to adopt new technologies. This is because when they do do it, they tend to do it correctly. Apple customers tend to not always be the early adopters and those that rush to get new tech, but those who value quality over innovation. So we will see if this gamble works.