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Data Boost From EE

What Uses Data?

One of the reasons that customers run out of data faster than they thought is because how data is used is misunderstood. So, if you are connected to a wifi network, you are not going to be using data. However, once you leave the wifi data comes into play. You can make calls and send texts as these come into your other tariff items, but pretty much anything else you do will use some data. Checking social media channels, picking up emails, listening to music, these can all eat away at your data.

You also need to remember that the phone will run automatic processes unless you tell it otherwise. So, if you look down and your phone shows new emails, it has gone to the internet automatically to collect them. If you want to avoid this, you need to go into your settings and turn off data roaming processes to make sure you have control over what data can and cannot use.

Getting a Data Boost

If you want to get an extra 5GB or 20GB of data, then you might want to consider switching your broadband to EE. EE has an awesome broadband reputation, and they have a vast range of packages meaning you can get the perfect home setup. Plus, they offer data boost. All you need to do to quality is switch your broadband to them at the same time as you upgrade your contract. Depending on the broadband package you take out you will either get 5GB or a whopping 20Gb of data to go with your new pay monthly contract.

This will help to ensure that you never run out of data again and is a seriously generous gift on top of their already impressive packages. The fact you can place one order for both services, and benefit from the awesome deals that we have negotiated with them make it even better.

Broadband Perfection

EE Broadband is so simple to set up, and if you are concerned some packages also qualify for managed installation. They have some of the best speeds and really understand that busy households need a connection that can cope with mum, dad, the kids and more all connecting at the same time. They have a really strong signal that means you will be able to have more than one device streaming or downloading and there will be no impact on performance across the home. So if you want to find out more about EE broadband why not give us a call today or pop over to our EE Broadband page for more information.

Data Boost From EE
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