samsung galaxy s9 camera

Check out the Galaxy Note 9’s camera!

Check out the Galaxy Note 9’s camera!

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9, released August 2018, is the latest handset to join Samsung range of Note phones. And, yet again, Samsung have managed to exceed our expectations! Not only is this phone beautifully designed, it comes packed with amazing new features and abilities. But, in my opinion, none more impressive than the camera. Check out some of it’s best features!

Dual aperture rear camera

The dual aperture rear camera allows you to take crystal clear photos at any time of day.

The dual aperture lens intelligently adapts to the light levels and automatically adjusts between variable f-stops to allow for the best quality images. Put simply, the lower aperture variable adjusts the camera lens to let in as much light as possible to help you take clear images even in low light conditions, and the higher aperture variable adjusts during high light conditions to allow your images to remain sharp despite the brightness.

For the best images, day or night, you can’t beat a Samsung Galaxy Note 9!

Live focus

Live focus will let you take the perfect portrait at any time of day or night.

The Live focus feature intelligently recognises the subject of your photo and draws focus toward that subject by blurring the background. And, this amazing feature even works in low light conditions! If your Note 9 recognises that you are taking photos in a poorly lit area it will take multiple photos for you and blend them all together to provide the best possible image.

For the highest quality portraits the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 won’t let you down!

Scene Optimiser

The Scene optimiser feature lets you take the perfect photo no matter the subject.

We love this feature, and we’re sure you will too! The Note 9’s rear camera has the ability to intelligently recognise the subject matter of your photo and adjust itself accordingly optimising colour and exposure to give you the perfect photo. And, with 20 different modes available, no matter what memory you’re trying to capture your Note 9 will help you get the best photo possible.

For effortlessly amazing photos the Note 9 is the smart choice!

Flaw Detection

Finding the flaws in your images so you don’t have to, the Galaxy Note 9’s intelligent Flaw detection feature will make sure you’re never disappointed.

If you find your images often ruined by blinking, motion blur, smudges on the lens, and backlighting then this is the feature you need! The Flaw detection feature automatically picks up on a variety of flaws in your images and will instantly notify you so you can adjust and take your photo again.

Never worry about photo imperfections again with the Samsung Galaxy Note 9!

The S Pen

Take the perfect selfie with the Note 9’s new S Pen!

In the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 even the S Pen has had an upgrade, and we’re so glad it has. The all new remote control enabled S Pen makes taking selfies easier than ever. From up to 30 feet away a press of a button is all you need to take amazing selfies. And with automatic facial detection in the front facing camera it has never been so easy to take the perfect effortless selfie.

Be the envy of all your friends when you take the perfect selfie with the new Samsung Galaxy Note 9!

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Check out the Galaxy Note 9’s camera!
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