Can I Keep My Mobile Number if I Change Phones

Mobile phone manufacturers love to bring out new phones to tempt customers into making a new purchase. Some people are put off changing their handset even when they have seen something else they really like because they are worried about what will happen to their mobile phone number. So what really does happen with your mobile when you change phones? The simple answer is you can keep it. 

Use Your Old Sim Card

There are a number of ways to keep your number. The first is by simply popping your existing SIM card into your new phone. Now this means the sim cards have to be the same size. Newer phones tend to be either nano or micro-SIM cards, and it is the same whether you are using an Android or iOS-based handset.

If you are staying with the same network provider, and both your new and old phone have the same size SIM card, keeping your number is usually as simple as taking it out of one phone and popping it into the new phone. If you have different software because you have switched between an iPhone and an Android phone you might find you get some text messages about updated network settings and this is perfectly normal, and you can read and comply – often they require no action, but sometimes they might suggest you turn the phone off and back on again. 

Re-sizing Your Sim Card

Secondly, if the SIM card is a different size, there is still no real cause for panic. SIM cards come cut to fit all phones, you start with a standard SIM, and there are then two layers you can snap off or leave in place until you have the size of card you need. If you are going to a more modern phone that has a smaller SIM card you can start by checking whether there is another layer you can break off. They are clearly indicated, and you can check online what model of SIM your current phone and new phone have. If you have the wrong size, then speak to us before you purchase and we can make sure that we get you a replacement SIM that will work. 

Get Your PAC Code

Finally, if you are changing networks, there is one final hurdle. In this scenario, you are porting your phone number, and for a couple of days, you will be between handsets. This means there will be a temp phone number associated with your new phone, and you will need to get a PAC code from the provider you are leaving. Once you have this code, give it to the new provider, and they will bring your existing phone number over to your new handset and contract.

Remember if the new handset is unlocked and the SIM fits you all be able to use it no problem. So, if you need to keep the same number, there is no problem changing handset or even changing provider. There is a way around everything, and you should not be charged for moving your number from one network to another.