samsung galaxy 11 camera

Camera Rumours for Samsung Galaxy S11

There is lots of speculation surrounding the potential camera set up for the new Galaxy S11 which will be released by Samsung in February 2020. When waiting for a new handset to release, it is always fun to try and guess what is going to be included and what is not. Manufacturers do tend to let a lot of information slip during the year which gives us a relatively good idea of what they are doing, however, some of the rumours that appear on the Internet are pure flights of fantasy, so it is hard to determine what may or may not happen.

Several New Trademarks

Since they last launched a new handset, Samsung has made several applications for trademarks on a variety of products. Mobile phone technology is always a focus for handsets as manufacturers seem to be locked in a battle to produce cameras of a higher standard than those available on the High Street. Of course, users love this as it means there is no need to take a second piece of equipment when you are going out and about. 

Samsung has also announced several new pieces of kit that include a 48-megapixel sensor and a 64-megapixel sensor, but they have not specified which mobile phones will be the first to include these new larger lenses. There is also some speculation that they have one or two brand new 108 megapixel sensors, and one is for the Samsung Galaxy S11 while the other may have been manufactured for use in an upcoming Xiaomi. That is undoubtedly impressive megapixel technology and is upping the game and throwing down the gauntlet to all other manufacturers. 

Images on the Web

Leaked render images have been circulating for a while now and looking at these it seems the Samsung Galaxy S11 and Galaxy S11 Plus will have five lenses on the rear setup. It is also a rumour that the nickname for the Galaxy camera is Hubble. Combined with a lot of talk about a 5X optical zoom we assume this code name is about the space telescope and certainly gives users the ability to zoom pretty far in and out. There is another source has quoted Samsung as saying this will not be a normal zoom but offered no more information as to what will be different about it. 

The Space Zoom 

One of the things they have also applied for a trademark for is something called Space Zoom and again this ties in nicely with the idea that the camera is in some way linked to the Hubble telescope.

This could be interpreted as meaning that the night vision capabilities of the camera are going to be improved and of course the zoom is certainly a function that will be welcomed. There is even speculation that the powerful zoom could take pictures of planets and stars from ground level. Not much is known about the front-facing camera it is depicted in the leaked images as being a pinhole in the centre at the top. Still, there is some speculation that Samsung is determined to be one of the first in the race to move it to an in-display sensor.