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Best Virtual Reality Gaming Apps for 2018

Virtual reality is excellent fun you get to immerse yourself in a whole different world without even leaving your sofa. While you can get really expensive VR headsets like the Oculus Rift, you could also consider turning your mobile into a VR headset with the addition of these not so costly headset conversions and then download these seriously brilliant VR apps.

For the ultimate in VR headset on a budget, you can spend £6 on Amazon and get the Google Cardboard. Yes, it really is a headset made of cardboard and works with many smartphones.

If you are looking for a more sophisticated version, you are looking at around anything from £30 upwards including the Samsung Gear VR which unsurprisingly works with Samsung handsets and can set you back over £100 depending on the model you choose.


Metro blog YouTube VR Apps

It is well known that YouTube offers some pretty impressive 360-degree videos, but with the addition of the Android app, you can witness these spectacles in glorious VR. All you need is a compatible video and the free app, and you are good to go. If you own a Google Daydream device, you can go one better and download the YouTube VR app to enhance the experience further. Currently Android only so visit the Google Play Store to get your apps, and the best news is they are free.

Eclipse: Edge of Light

Metro blog Eclipes VR App

If you fancy some VR gaming, then this first-person walkabout could be perfect for you. At just £9.99 from Google Play, this works with Android devices and sees you crash landed on a sentient planet. Whether you planned to or not, you will find the ‘Artifact’, and the game begins.

Have fun exploring this strange new world and use your new find to interact with the world around you. This game is nicely immersive, and you throw your relic to help you make progress. Edge of Light boasts over three hours of gameplay; this is an attractively priced game with plenty of pull to keep you interested.

Chair in a Room

Metro blog Chair in a room VR App

Sticking with games, this is one of the hottest Android VR games on the market at present. This plays best on higher spec phones as it is quite resource heavy but if you like games with a horror edge, you will enjoy this. Gameplay focuses on a room with a chair, no spoilers there then! While that might not sound scary, hang on and get exploring as you will find some really good action when you get into the plot and backstory.

Currently another Google Play only app, this is a free game so even if you find it is not for you then you haven’t lost anything but a bit of time. With endorsements as good as that you should probably head over and grab it now, seriously we really enjoyed this one.

End Space VR

Metro blog Endspace VR App

Don’t worry Apple fans we have not forgotten you. End Space VR is a great little game for iOS devices and is a shoot em up based in space, unsurprisingly. The controls take a while to master, but the fun you can have while you are crashing into everything and losing lives is second to none.

Once you have mastered your manoeuvres, the game is strangely addictive and rather good fun. Available on the app store this game will set you back an outrageous 99p, so well worth a punt if alien shooting games are your thing.

Hidden Temple Adventure

Metro blog hidden temple VR app

If you prefer a walkthrough style game, then Hidden Temple is a great adventure. Staying with the iOS platform, this is a point and click game that enables you to navigate through the temple and find stuff. Look, move and collect in this leisurely game which is perfect for an end of week wind down. The backstory is as you would expect, you are now stuck in the temple until you find your way back out.

Fail to do that, and well you are doomed to spend eternity in your tomb. Solve puzzles and complete tasks in this gentle brain game that stimulates your problem-solving centre. No shoot em ups here, this is a much more gentile environment. The game costs £3.99 and is found on the Apple app store.

Minos Starfighter VR

Metro blog Minos Starfighter VR App

Back to the world of Android devices, for another gaming delight. This is actually a very similar experience to End Space VR but aimed at the Play Store market. So bring out the big guns you are going to need to shoot things, and you are in space once more.  A first person shooter where you battle to the death against the bad guys who come at you in their starfighters.

Quick reflexes and a cool head will see you triumph here. You can pick this game up in the Google Play store for £1.19 so it won’t exactly break the bank if you find it is not for you, but we had lots of fun blowing up alien life forms and being immersed in this space world.

Final Kick VR

Metro blog Final Kick VR App

If the great game of football is more up your street now is your chance to prove you have ball skills to rival Ronaldo and Beckham.  Chalk a number 7 on your hoodie, strap your phone to your headset and head out into the tunnel, the match is on. Final Kick VR skips the main play and pops you into an eternal penalty shootout. Take your turn as the striker as you try and smash the ball into the back of the net, and then swap places and become the goalie as your opponents try and slide the ball past you.

Don’t let them! With some great crowd cheering and realistic stadium noise, the premise might be simple, but the game is great fun if you are a soccer fan. This is a free to download iOS store game, and there is added functionally on offer with in-app purchases should you feel the need.