Best Samsung Galaxy S9 Deals

With summer coming in hot, we’ve dropped our prices to make your summer better. With our best Samsung Galaxy S9 deals, you won’t be able to stay away. With huge data packages and low prices, we know we’ve got what you need. Not to mention, the Galaxy S9 is one of the hottest smartphones on the market right now.


A Bit About the Galaxy S9

Every year, Samsung releases a new addition to their S series and the S9 was the 2018 addition. This smartphone brought some fun colour options, a new camera and a few exciting features to Android users.

With a glass front and back, the Samsung S9 offered a very high end, luxurious design. Of course, with an all over glass, it was more than likely that users would crack screens. For this reason, Samsung added the best screen protection at the time, Corning Gorilla Glass 5. This can withstand a huge amount of damage however, is still breakable. We would still advise on buying a glass screen protector.

This very sleek feel to the phone was continued using a range of colour options. If you wanted to stick with something very high end, you would most likely opt for Midnight Black, Titanium Grey or Sunrise Gold. Each of these are very standard yet stylish colours. To add something a little more exciting to your phone, users may opt for Coral Blue, Lilac Purple, Burgundy Red or Ice Blue. Each of these offers a completely different feel to the phone. Each of these options really allows you to show your own personality off. Not to mention, even the coloured options still offer a super professional look.

Behind the power of the S9 is a 3000mAh battery. This battery is going to allow you to enjoy your day without having to worry about charging the phone. With up to 78 hours battery life, you’ll be able to do a whole lot more. Whenever you do find that you’re running low on battery life, this smartphone is compatible with Fast Charge 15W, Quick Charge 2.0 and even wireless charging. A phone battery has never been this stress free.


EE Entertainment

Any network you join will offer you some extra benefits alongside your airtime. A lot of the time, you never actually make use of these subscriptions as they just aren’t useful enough. Sometimes, you can only use these benefits if you’re on the more expensive plans. When you join EE with one of the best Samsung Galaxy S9 deals, you’ll be able to use their exclusive entertainment package at no extra cost. Even better, you are able to enjoy every single entertainment offer available.

EE works closely with brands such as BT Sports Mobile and BritBox to bring you free trial subscriptions ranging from 3-6 months. These trials will give you the ability to enjoy full subscriptions before giving you the option to pay monthly to keep them. At the end of your subscription period, EE will send you a text, letting you know the free period is coming to an end. From here, you’ll get instructions as to how to cancel or the option to continue at a price. You don’t need to come across any unexpected costs, EE will keep you aware.


Best Samsung Galaxy S9 Deals with Cashback

To offer the best Samsung Galaxy S9 deals on the market, we pair a lot of them with cashback. By doing this, we can effectively reduce the total cost of your contract, saving you money in the long run. We will always offer two different types of cashback to suit different lifestyles. Both Automatic and Redemption cashback will allow you to make huge savings in places you never expected them, you just need to decide which one is for you.

Automatic cashback is paid after 90 days of a contract being live. You don’t have to worry about claiming or reminding us, we will automatically process the payment. It’s a one off payment, straight into your bank account. This means that you can completely forget about the cashback and see a lovely surprise after 90 days. Although easy, automatic cashback is always a lot lower than redemption cashback.

With redemption cashback, you do have to claim however, claiming is easy. To get hold of payments all you need to do is fill out a simple form and submit a bill. This is done on 5 separate dates throughout the 24 months and paid in 5 equal instalments. It is your job to remember to claim as well as count the dates. Even with a little bit more work added, redemption cashback will give you a huge amount of savings. In some cases, it can go as far as halving your bill costs.


EE Smart Plans

All networks will offer a range of different plans. The more you get included with your plan, the more expensive it’s going to be. With EE, you’re able to get essential plans, or smart plans. These smart plans will include either one or two swappable benefits, allowing you to choose your add ons and change them out when you need them. Of course, these are far more expensive, however, they can actually really help you save huge amounts of money in the long run.

Included in EE’s swappable benefits are Amazon Prime Video, BritBox, Video Data Passes, BT Sport Unlimited and Roam Further Passes. With these, you’re able to do a huge amount of things such as stream your favourite films, videos, listen to music and even see the world with less roaming charges. When you no longer need to use one benefit, change to a different one! This works great if you’re planning on travelling or even binge watch everything on one platform. With a simple text, change between the benefits on offer.


If you’re not interested in the best Samsung Galaxy S9 deals and want something a little different, we have a huge range of different mobile phones available. All are available on EE, the UKs best network, so that you can experience quality.