black friday deals for LG mobile phoens

Best LG Black Friday deals


LG have been technological pioneers for decades, so we know that if you get an LG phone you will not be disappointed. Their range of beautifully stylish handsets perfectly blending cutting edge technology with stunning graphics and screen durability. This Black Friday you can’t go wrong with one of our fantastic LG deals!

LG G7 ThinQ Black Friday deals

The LG G7 ThinQ released in May 2018 comes with a high definition 6.1 inch screen, 16MP camera, and 128GB of memory. This device has a beautifully simple design without straying too far from the conventional LG design that fans love. But by far the most impressive thing about this handset is the way that it seamlessly incorporates LG’s sophisticated artificial intelligence technology. Our best deal offers this amazing phone for only £27 per month with 8GB of data, no upfront cost, and £72 cashback!
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LG G6 Black Friday deals

The LG G6 an older model, originally released in March 2017, but it is by no means outdated! It comes with a 5.7 inch high-definition display coupled with LG’s reliable and powerful performance quality. It also comes with a good quality 13MP camera and 32GB internal memory. With our best deal you can get this phone for only £20 per month with 9GB of data, no upfront cost, and a generous £192 cashback.
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LG K10 Black Friday deals

The LG K10 is the perfect embodiment of why LG are regarded as one of the industries favourite smartphone manufacturers. With LG’s distinctive design and innovative technology this handset released in February 2017 boasts a 5.3 inch screen and 13MP camera. And, with our best deal, you can get this handset for only £11.50 per month with a huge £156 cashback!
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LG K8 Black Friday deals

The LG K8 released in April 2017 can offer you the same powerful performance and processing power as its counterparts but with a much smaller price tag. Despite it’s age and size the K8 still comes with a 5 inch screen and 13MP camera, perfect for those who want a smartphone for a smart price. With our best deal you can get yourself the LG K8 for only £9 per month with £144 cashback.
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LG K4 Black Friday deals

The ultra-light and compact LG K4 received an upgrade before its March 2017 release equipping it with a powerful and reliable processor whilst keeping its status as one of the company’s most affordable smartphones. Despite it’s size the K4 still boasts a 5 inch display and dual 5MP cameras making it the perfect choice for the budget conscious buyer. With our best offer you can get this handset for a mere £7.50 per month and receive £180 cashback.
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