Best iPhone 8 Deals

Finding value in a mobile phone contract is one of the most important things and the best iPhone 8 deals are filled to the brim with benefits and affordable prices. As there have been a few newer iPhone releases, you’re able to get the iPhone 8 at one of the best prices in years. The deals are spewing with data, add ons and overall value.


A Bit About the iPhone 8

Apple first released the iPhone 8 in September 2017, along with the iPhone 8 Plus. This new release introduced some of the move dramatic changes on an Apple handset. Just like all Apple devices, you’re still going to experience a very high end design. Rounded corners, curved edges and a range of luxury colours allows the iPhone 8 to live up to Apple’s expectations. This was also the first iPhone to feature an all glass back. After this, we saw this specific feature on all future iPhones. As an older iPhone, you do get a smaller 4.7 inch Retina display.

One thing that still shocks people to this day is the quality the iPhone 8 camera gives out. On the back of the phone, there’s a 12MP camera featured. Whilst this is only a single lens, it’s still got a powerful kick to it. From every image, you’ll get bright colours in their truest form. Before, iPhone cameras would make colours appear slightly more dull than they really are. Your photographs will not only hold bright colours but also sharp details. There shouldn’t be any unnecessary blur from this smartphone. You’ll also find a clear, detailed 7MP lens in the selfie camera.

Of course, the iPhone 8 needs a good range of components to keep it running for hours. Keeping the phone powered is a 1821mAh battery. This non-removable battery works closely with the A11 Bionic chip to keep you connected for hours. You never want to be left without access to your loved ones and Apple are reducing the risk of that. You’ll also get a choice of different storage options to choose from when purchasing it. Anyone who doesn’t need too much storage can partner with the 64GB version. For those who need a bit more, there is also a 256GB on offer.


The UKs Best Network

Here at Metrofone, we work exclusively with EE so we can be sure that you’re getting a high quality deal. After 6 years crowned as the UKs best network, you can rely on EE. You know they’re going to provide you with a first class service as well as reliable network connections. Not only have EE won awards for the UKs best network, but they’ve won plenty more too. This network was also awarded with the best network speeds and best network coverage in the UK. With EE, you can stay connected everywhere with no issues.

Not only do EE have some of the best coverage and speeds, but they also have an incredible entertainment package. Any customer who joins EE will be able to make use of the EE entertainment plan during their entire contract. This plan gives you access to a whole range of different free trial subscriptions with huge brands. You’ll be able to make use of free Apple Music subscriptions, BritBox trails and even 3 months with BT Sports FOR FREE. EE will help you stay entertained from every area of the UK.

Of course, some people need even more from their phone deals. With our best iPhone 8 deals, you’ll find a range of different EE plans. These include EE Smart Plans. With these types of plans, you’ll get to enjoy Swappable Benefits. This is something that only EE provides and can add huge amounts of value to your deals. You’ll be able to choose from a range of swappable benefits, such as a free Amazon Prime Video subscription, Video Data Pass and even a Roam Further Pass. If you ever need to change these, you can do so with a simple text to EE.


Best iPhone 8 Deals

There are so many different things that go into making a phone deal better than another. One of the main factors is of course price. Everyone wants an affordable mobile phone deal that comes with the best benefits. That’s why we have a range of different cashback deals. With both redemption and automatic cashback on offer, we’re able to massively reduce prices to give you a better phone deal.

These types of cashback will offer different amounts of savings as well as different methods. Automatic amounts are always a lot lower than other cashback deals as there is no need to claim. This is a single lump sum that is processed for payment after 90 days of your contract being live. You don’t need to remind or claim when it comes to this method. Redemption cashback allows you to massively reduce your phone bills. All you need to do is claim using a form 5 times during your contract and it’s paid right to your bank account.


Packages Filled with Value

There are plenty of other ways you can add value to your mobile phone deals. You don’t need to rely on network benefits or cashback offers to make your deal good. When shopping at Metrofone, you’ll get free next day delivery with one of the best delivery couriers in the UK, DPD. There’s no waiting around, full of excitement, for your new phone to arrive.

With certain deals, you’ll also be able to get hold of extra gift options. This can range from different vouchers to extra devices. This way, you can get hold of some market leading technology at a low price. These gifts are sent out after 90 days to ensure that you don’t have to pay the postage prices if you decide to cancel.


Even a few years on, this smartphone is still extremely high end and full of the best Apple technology. With the best iPhone 8 deals, we couldn’t see a reason not to love it.