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Best iOS Games of 2018

Playing games on your mobile has become a really popular way to pass the time of day. With such good graphics capabilities on offer from Apple, it has become more than just a way to spend your commute; gaming got serious, and with little wonder. iPhone technology is packed with serious processing power so you can be sure that your game will not only look good but will perform without glitching or stalling. Here are some great game ideas for your iPhone handset.

Tomb of the Mask

tomb of the mask game ios

In this arcade-style game, you will need to locate a mask, and that is where the adventure begins. Once wearing the mask, you gain extra powers and can scale walls with ease. This is a vital skill once gameplay begins as you hunt through level after level dodging the baddies, the traps and many other things out to halt your progress. This is a free to download game that offers various subscription levels after the free trial.


best ios games

How good is your depth perception? Well, you are about to find out in this strangely addictive game, that can also utilise the AR features of the iPhone. The premise is simple, move from tower to tower by casting out a plank of the correct length.

You pick up more points of a perfectly placed plank, less if you skim the edge or almost overshoot, and well if you miss altogether, you plunge to your death. As you make your way around you, gather a collection of random animals and friends who all walk behind you, and you can unlock new characters for yourself that give you different skills. Fun and captivating, switch to AR mode and have tower appear in your living room. Free to download and play, you can pay to remove the ads if you want, but not needed to play the game.

Word Link

word link ios gaming

If you fancy a word puzzle game, then this could be the one for you. Train your brain and extend your vocabulary with this cute app. A puzzle based format that sees you solve a series of word conundrums to progress. From making as many words as possible from a series of random letters to spotting words hidden in pictures and lots more. Earn points to spend by completing challenges and use these to unlock hints when you get stuck. Free and fun this is a great game that can be used offline if you are short of data. This app has an iPad version too so that you can be sure of wordy fun on all your iOS devices.