Best Apps to Help You Make Money 2018

Making money is fun, and whether you have a full-time job or are a stay at home parent, student or retired, that chance to top up your income is always a bonus. More than half the population owns a smartphone and app makers have got on board with this plan to earn some extra muller by adding some great apps that can help you and get you started on building your bank balance. Here are a few money making apps to get you on your way.

Swagbucks App

Metro Blog Swagbucks App

In an almost game-like format, the premise with Swagbucks is that you need to complete tasks to earn the Swagbucks. A fake currency that will later become converted real cash once you have earned enough.

To get your SB balance growing, you will need to watch videos, answer surveys, use specified eCommerce sites, take advantage of shopping local deals, perform internet searches and exploring online deals. While this all sounds very easy, you are not looking at big bucks, but you get the chance to build your SB up to earn a gift card which can be for places like Amazon, PayPal, Starbucks and more. The app started in America so works in dollars, but you can still earn your gift cards and spend them at the aforementioned retailers.

It is a passing the time app, if you have nothing better to do or are on a long commute every day, then you may as well give it a go, but with a maximum gift card value of $25, you can see that you won’t be a millionaire anytime soon.

eBay App

Metro Blog Ebay app

So, you probably think of eBay as a way to spend money not make money, but you should also check out the selling aspect if you haven’t already. Sell your old unwanted stuff and make some money in a simple and easy to use format.

The great thing about eBay is you can sell pretty much anything from clothes to technology, household goods to cars. Generally, you can list most things for free, and you only pay your commission when they have sold. There are various levels of commission, but the most common is 10% of the final sale price. Postage must be paid for by the customer, or you can choose to offer free postage but remember you will then have to cover it.

The psychology of sales suggests that people are more likely to purchase something at a higher price when it offers free postage, but doing it that way means your final sale price will be higher so you will pay more commission. However, this still remains a great way to sell your unwanted gear. There are other apps such as Spock that enable you to put your unwanted possession up for sale, so have a look around.

iPoll App

metrofone iPoll App

Another task-based app that lets you earn money. Once you have registered and added your likes and dislikes you will be offered the chance to complete surveys in return for your rewards. The surveys are for market research purposes so you cannot just randomly complete them, you have to wait to nee matched to criteria.

All surveys will have target demographics so you must be in the right categories but you will be alerted the moment surveys become available for you. Your geographical location will also be used to match you to opportunities for product reviews, product testing and in-store shopping experiences which can add to the fun.

The rewards will be added to your account until you have enough to redeem for a gift card or airline credit etc. Sometimes you will be asked to get a photo and upload it; others will involve watching videos or just answering questions. This is another fun app that, again, won’t make you loads of money but could be useful for topping up the coffers and using the reward card for an extra treat every now and then.

Foam App

Metrofone blog foap app

Camera technology has been the focus of the top mobile manufacturers over the last couple of years, and some smartphones have seriously decent cameras that can rival the professionals. Foap is an app for the budding photographer as you can sell your photos.

Getting good photos is a battle for some companies, and we are constantly reminded that using stock images is bad for rankings, so paying for unique photos is always popular as it helps businesses build their online SEO rankings. The app is simple to use, create an account and start uploading your best work. You have the opportunity to tag your images so that people can find them and if you are struggling the app offers prompts to help you. The images are scanned using AI technology and suggestions as to the best tags will be made.

Accept these and add some more of your own. When your images sell you will get 50% of the commission, and you can add your PayPal account to quickly pull down your money. The community offers the chance to rate each other’s work, and you can start to build your reputation as a photographer while making money from a hobby you enjoy. There are missions created where someone is looking to purchase a specific style of image, and you can join these as well as displaying your work in your own portfolio which can be browsed by thousands of other users.

Obviously, there is no guarantee that your images will sell so again perhaps not the best place to make your millions but this is a great passive income stream option as once you have uploaded an image you have no further commitment to do anything but wait for it to sell.