Bag a Galaxy Note 9 Bargain

With the release of the Galaxy Note 10 came some really great news for fans of the Note 9. As it is no longer the latest handset in the range, it is set to come down dramatically in price which means our team are able to renegotiation some great deals from our wonderful network partner at EE saving you even more money. If you have been eyeing up this stunning phone for a while then now is the time to click that button and get in ordered as prices are amazing. 

Power and Performance 

It is often said that the Galaxy Note series is perfect for business use, as they feature larger powerful processors and lots of tools that are useful for running an office on the go. Of course, you also get the S-Pen which has been upgraded over time and is now a valuable addition. However, if you are a social user don’t think you won’t enjoy this handset, it has the perfect screen for streaming movies, and the S-Pen can act as a remote control in lots of different situations. So, if you like the Note concept but do not want to pay the Note 10 prices you could definitely fall in love with the Note 9.

Large Upgrade 

When the Galaxy Note 9 was released it was a massive step up from its predecessor, and remember it is still just a year old, so has plenty of shelf life left in it yet. It comes with a nice 6.4 inch AMOLED screen which gives stunning picture quality if you decide stream television or play games. It is not a full infinity screen as there is a bezel along the top and bottom, but it is well designed and does not impede on the view. On the back, there is a dual-lens camera which gives stunning photos and is housed in a horizontal arrangement. There is also a Bixby button for fans of the digital assistant. 


The S-Pen has also developed more functionality over the years, and it is no longer a flat stylus but an interactive tool that has many uses. It can be used as a remote control via the Bluetooth connectivity for a range of tasks including taking pictures, negating the need for the messy selfie stick. It is something quite unique that is not a part of any other mobile phone, and it works well for Samsung.

Plenty of Storage 

Samsung certainly packs a lot into the Note 9, and that includes a neat storage slot for the S-Pen and a removable SD card tray that gives you so much capacity to expand your space you won’t quite believe it. For the first time, they have included the ability to house a 1TB card which is so much space it actually beats many laptops. It also has a large 4000mAh battery which is perfect for ensuring a smooth, reliable and long-running performance so you can go out and about with confidence.