samsung galaxy note 10 camera review

Are Samsung Beefing Up the Galaxy Note 10 Cameras?

Camera technology in mobiles has become the latest competition among mobile phone manufacturers. Samsung has ensured that its flagship ranges are always in the running for best camera accolades but this time they have dropped a hint that they are actually going to better themselves with a strong rumour that the cameras on the Note series – which is one of their top ranges better the camera technology in their recently released latest S series handset, the S10.

New Trademarks

Recent revelations have shown that Samsung recently obtained two new trademark terms, that was approved just days ago. Now, with the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 set for release on August 7th, although the company has not made any comment on the connection, it would seem there is a reason for the new trademarks, which are the terms Smart ISO and AI-ISO.

New Features

Entirely what these two new features do, and how they will fit in is not clear, but of course, we can naturally speculate that they are designed to help the camera lenses with some pretty powerful supporting magic inside the phone. AI is a big deal these days, and artificial intelligence is all about machine learning, so for that one we can assume that it will relate in some way to AI technology learning more about the individual camera users and remembering things like preferred settings and the way in which you take your pictures which is pretty helpful. 

Stronger Technology

ISO settings are all about the sensor in the camera and relate to how sensitive it is in terms of the light and colour of the shot. So if you are taking a picture in bright light, it compensates and removes the glare, making it so you can still see the colours rather than just light.

But of course, it is also a tool that helps with low-light, which has been where a lot of mobile phone cameras have struggled. In darker conditions, it has to compensate the other way to allow more light into the shot to make sure the actual colours are showing when the shutter goes off. The current Galaxy S10 has an ISO range of 50-800, which is good, but it is not the best on the market. The Huawei P30 has a greater range, and Huawei does tend to lead the way on camera tech in mobile phones. So it is likely the Smart ISO might bring a more extensive range to the table and enable Samsung to close the gap a little bit when they line up against the competition. 

Wait and See?

For now, of course, the actual function of these new buzz words, and whether they will indeed be included in the Galaxy Note 10 remains speculation. Also in question is the camera hardware with rumours strongly suggesting the Note 10 Plus will have a whopping five lenses with the Note 10 having just three. We would also expect to see other improvements within the handset, but all we can do for now is wait and see.