Apps you need on your Samsung Galaxy S10

Every smartphone has some amazing features unlocked by apps, and these are the apps you need on your Samsung Galaxy S10 to fully enjoy it. With these apps, you’ll be able to customise your S10 or enhance features to make sure you’re using the phone to its full potential.


Files By Google

Whilst the Galaxy S10 has a pretty large storage amount, you can still find that you’re using it up quickly if you’re downloading loads of apps or even working from your phone. Files by Google will help you clear up any unnecessary files. This makes more space and even boosts the performance of your phone over time. A Lot of the time, our data and files have no organisation. This app can help you organise your phone so that you can find data in seconds. Files by Google saves time and space.


Holey Light

Currently, notifications on the Samsung Galaxy S10 will pop up on the screen, and that’s it. A lot of people prefer more visual notifications as they’re just nicer to look at. One of the best apps available to do this is Holey Light. As one of the first apps to make visual notifications available on the S10, they definitely do it best. This specific app is always developing to make it more functional and more compatible. With Holey Light, you’ll be able to use the LED light to show when you have new messages, missed calls or more notifications.


Arc Lighting

Arc Lighting is a similar app to Holey Light. You can download this to activate visual notifications, again using the LED light. Not only can you use Arc for notifications, but it’s also great for charging indications too. You’ll see light sequences when you put your S10 on to charge as well as notifications once it’s fully charged. With such a large variety of colours and styles to choose from, you can create a very personalised experience. Whenever you’re listening to music, you can even create your very own lighting show in time to whatever you’re listening to.


Battery Ring

On the front of the Samsung Galaxy S10, you will see a small punch hole selfie camera. To make this slightly more attractive, Battery Ring will add a small ring around the camera to show how much battery you have left. With a huge range of different features built in, you can create a very custom design too. Change the thickness, colour, style, direction and so much more. Enjoy keeping an eye on your live battery level in a fun and more exciting way. To make it even better, Battery Ring won’t eat away at your battery, keeping it efficient and full.



Borderlight is another app which is going to offer you a more creative, custom design. Around the outside of your screen, you’ll get a bright coloured light. Opening the app will allow you to change the colour of the light, even creating a moving gradient of all your favourite colours. Even change the speed if you want something a little faster. If you only want the border when your Galaxy S10 is locked, you can add a regular background image too. Customising your phone can make your experience on the Samsung Galaxy S10 a lot more exciting.



It’s no secret that the fonts that are pre installed in any smartphone are incredibly boring. Downloading the free GxFonts application for Samsung Galaxy is going to give you access to way more exciting fonts. All the Google fonts on the app are free to download and use so you don’t have to worry about in app purchases unless you want the big bits. You can even create your very own custom fonts to use on your S10. Using the built in font manager, you’ll be able to find all the ones you love in one place.



On the Samsung Galaxy S10, the buttons on the side of the phone have had a little refresh. Not, the side button is used to activate Bixby. By downloading bxActions, you can make that button do a huge range of different tasks. With a few clicks, you can completely remap the button. Just a few of these tasks available included turning the flashlight on, taking screenshots and even opening apps. bxActions allows you to make your phone’s functions suit your needs more.



SoundAssistant is actually an app that has been developed by Samsung themselves. With just that piece of information, you can understand how well it will work with the S10. This app will allow you to do a whole range of sound related tasks from control the volume with the volume keys, rather than the ringtone, to Floating Equalizer settings. With all the features on this app, you’ll be able to customise your listening experience hugely.


As these are apps you need on your Samsung Galaxy S10, they are specific to the phone. To enjoy these apps, make sure you check out the best Samsung Galaxy S10 deals to save money. They’ll allow you to find a really valuable deal for something you love.