Apple Security – What does it do?

When it comes to Apple security on the most recent updates, they’re not playing around. Your data is safe, controlled and stays your data. There are thousands of small features that go into making Apple’s privacy so much easier to get on with. From iOS apps to the honesty Apple promises, you can trust that your data is only yours and doesn’t get shared unless you approve it. Security has never been this modern.


Apple Security Features

Whilst everything you do on Safari is private anyway, you can also change to Private Browsing mode. This means that your phone won’t remember the sites you’ve been to or any of the information entered on them. Even turn on content blockers to make sure that if anyone attempts to track your online activity, they can’t. You want to make sure that when you’re privately browsing, it stays private and that’s exactly what Safari does.

When Apple Pay came to iPhones, people were a bit wary of using It. After all, there’s constantly different conspiracies flying around about mobile phones and how they track your life. Understandably, people were hesitant to put one of the most important things in their life in their smartphones. In fact, there is more security in Apple Pay than you can imagine. First of all, any payments, as little or small as they may be, have to be secure and checked against Face ID, Touch ID or your passcode. No one can spend your money without this.

Each time you add a new card, your information will be encrypted and sent to your bank to approve the feature. Any card information isn’t then stored in Apple servers, but under your very own Device Account Number, which is then encrypted and cannot be read by anyone, even Apple. It’s then stored in the Secure Element which is on that very device. When you get a new iPhone, you’ll have to go through the whole process of setting it up again. Even better, Apple keeps no record of what you buy so they can’t target you with ads!


iOS Apps

Almost all the iOS apps on iPhones have built in security benefits. For example, Safari allows you to browse through websites without the fear of being watched. Something that happens a lot, and is also talked about, is tracking of what you’re looking at. You’ll quickly click on one thing and never think about it again, until it starts popping up everywhere. This is because companies are tracking what you’re looking at to see if they suit it. When you’re on Safari, you don’t have to worry about that. Intelligent Tracking Prevention makes sure that what you look at stays private.

Apple Maps is also something that keeps information to itself. No information in the Maps app is actually tied to any of your details, meaning when it is processed for personalisation, it’s only linked to random identifiers and not your person. Features such as parked car will attach to your phone but never to you. This means that when you get a new iOS device, it will have to learn your movements all over again. With end to end encryption, you never have to worry about people intercepting either. Not even Apple are able to read this information!

iMessage is an app that’s incredibly secure and actually quite impressive. When you’re messaging another device through iMessage, the message stays heavily encrypted from the moment you press send to the second it’s received. All of your messages are encrypted within your device so you aren’t able to access them without entering a passcode, using touch ID or face ID. You can even choose to set up an automatic setting that will delete messages after a specific time period. Apple are making it as easy as possible to stay private.



Each time a security update is processed or even at the government’s request, Apple will release a report showing how much data the government has asked for in particular countries.  The government may request information from different Apple devices for a number of different reasons however, Apple will update the report each time anything is requested. This way, you can see that Apple is giving away very little data. You don’t have to worry about being harassed by spam emails or nuisance calls anymore.


You have control

One of the greatest things about Apple security is that you get to have control over all of your information and decide exactly what happens with it. From the second you turn your iPhone on, you’ll be able to enjoy safe browsing at all times. Choose your own privacy settings and secure your smartphone in the way that you find easiest. From the PIN lock to face ID and touch ID, Apple makes sure that only you can access your phone. In fact, the passcode has now been upped to 6 digits so that you have more trust that your phone’s safe.

Not only are these options of security available, but there are also things Apple do with other devices or apps to make sure you’re staying safe. For example, if you lose your devices, you’re able to sign into Find My from any other iOS device and see the last location of it. You can even remotely remove all the data from that device and send out a ping to alert where it is. Two-factor authentication has also had a huge upgrade. Using your Apple ID and another device, you can log into different sites, such as iCloud, securely and easily.


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