Alternative Storage Options for Your New Phone

Some people do require alternative storage options on a new phone even though storage options on phones nowadays can range from very little to a ridiculous amount that nobody could ever use, surely! Sometimes a memory card slot isn’t available. People have to adapt to what they can have!

Memory Cards

I start with this option as it is the most obvious! If you phone allows you to insert a memory card, this is the easiest way forward. You can buy memory cards straight from Amazon and replace them whenever full. They are probably the easiest way to move your data files and not lose them.

iCloud Storage

Our first alternative storage option for mobile phone storage is to use iCloud. This has been around for years now and the question still stands, where is the cloud?! Whatever the answer to the question, iCloud never lets us down.

When you sign up to iCloud, you automatically get 5GB free. Once you’ve used this up, you can choose to pay for extra storage at different intervals. You can pay as little as 79p for 50GB of storage or you can pay £6.99 for 2TB extra storage. This is billed each month and you are able to upgrade your storage!

Google Drive

If you’re looking for a bigger storage amount, Google Drive is an amazing alternative. Google offer up to 15GB of FREE storage that allows you to upload tons of different data files. If you feel 15GB isn’t enough, you can also expand the storage to get a maximum increase of 30TB on Google Drive. This costs as little as £1.59 for 100GB of extra storage.

How amazing is that!

Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft offers OneDrive with Windows 10 already installed. You can also download the OneDrive app on iOS and Android to access it from your phone.

A lot like Google Drive, OneDrive can hold a huge range of data files from spreadsheets and PowerPoints to photos and videos. These are available to be shared with your friends or family and a notification will be sent to yourself when the file is shared. A great feature of Microsoft OneDrive is that all photos are automatically tagged, which means you can find them with ease.

You would want to make sure you are getting the most out of what you sign up to so make sure to assess all options before choosing your alternative storage option.

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