A New Era Arrives – Enter 5G!

Ladies and gentlemen, 5G is finally here. We know that a lot of you have been chomping at the bit to get access to this exclusive network with its ultra-fast speeds, and if you’re someone who lives in one of the select areas covered by EE, then your time has arrived.

So it has been a few days since EE was first released to the public, but what’s the fuss about? We know that not everyone is going to understand what 5G is and how it’s such a game changer, which is why we are going to talk about it and what it offers here and now.

5G – The Brand New Ideal

Let’s talk a little bit about 5G. It’s been released by EE, our exclusive partners and is available in a handful of major cities across the country, with London, Cardiff and Manchester being among these places.

As it stands at the moment, there is an initial charge of £54 a month, as well as a cost to get a compatible handset, a device which is in a small category at the moment as a lot of the major providers have yet to release something that can cope with the new demands.

If you’re someone who does not live in one of the coverage areas and doesn’t have access to the system, you won’t have to wait very long to get hold of it potentially. With rivals like Vodafone hot on the trail of EE, you can be sure that the rest of the mobile network coverage providers will be jumping on the bandwagon as soon as they can.

Dizzying Speeds

So, while we don’t necessarily know everything about 5G just yet, we can make some assessments based on information provided by reputable sources. For example, the communications watchdog Ofcom have said that the top speed of 5G could theoretically be 20 gigabytes per second. If this were the case, then you could download a high definition 4K video in under 10 seconds flat.

At the moment, however, that isn’t quite a capability we can get up to, but the speed that we do have is suitably impressive, being three times faster than the leading 4G capability. So instead of the standard 50MB per second, we get 150MB a second. It’s enough to convince anyone of the power the new network holds.

So, let’s recap. 5G promises to be a significant advancement over the current network. We all know and love 4G. But there’s also no doubt that it’s had its time, and it needs to make way for the new generation. With exceptionally high download speeds, and an emphasis on improved capacity, 5G will no doubt offer an enhanced service, and you can tell that all the major providers will be scrambling to try and implement it into their current list of services.

EE are naturally going to gain an advantage because they were the first to release it to the public, but it is only a matter of time before the rest of the companies catch up. Therefore, we will be watching with great interest to see who manages to perfect the new system next.

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