one plus to introduce 5G

5G to Come Soon With OnePlus

There’s one thing that all brands can agree on regardless of their current project or position within the industry, and that’s the rise of 5G and how much of a game-changer it will be. It won’t just be enough to release new phones to the public anymore – these devices will have to be 5G capable.

OnePlus is an example of a company who isn’t worried about the advent of this technology – in fact, they welcome it as you can tell from their new handset that boasts 5G and is coming out soon. 

5G – Not a Problem

So let’s get right into the bare bones of the whole thing. The new device that OnePlus is releasing is one which will allow users access to the 5G network, a system which is 100x faster than 4G according to rumours. With such incredible connection speeds, it’s only natural that people are very excited to get to grips with it. 

The only real issue is that not a lot of companies have released a new 5G model yet. We’ve seen a lot of different exciting models either in the pipeline or about to burst onto the stage, but few have that critical 5G prowess yet. That gives OnePlus an advantage in the current market. 

Loads of Helpful Features

Ladies and gentlemen, meet the new model by OnePlus – the OnePlus 7T Pro, according to the rumour mill. There’s a lot for people to get excited about, including the legendary pop up camera making a reappearance and even a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chipset, which is pretty impressive. While it is true that the model has some nifty features, the main draw at the moment is that 5G connectivity – they wanted to attract a lot of people, and clearly, they have done just that. 

Expansion and Growth

Here’s the thing – this is not a company which is content with lying down and letting the world go by. They already have plans for expansion, and they seem to be ambitious. It’s an aim of OnePlus to break into the US market entirely, and they’ve nearly got the foothold that they need. Being able to market to a whole new audience will give them a stronger supporter base, and with all of the different features and devices they have on offer, to say that they are in with a chance isn’t an exaggeration. 

So to wrap it all up, the new OnePlus model will be one of the leading devices to give access to the 5G Market. It’s pretty much untapped potential at this point, so anyone who can’t get a foothold in it will have an advantage.

We can’t wait to see what OnePlus do with their new system, and we hope that it is powerful and impressive. The future will definitely be super-fast connection speeds, and to not utilise the resource which is right in front of us would be foolish. The other models might catch up, but right now OnePlus has the potential to flourish.