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5G – Challenging The Movie Status Quo?

5G is a mobile network that has taken the world by storm in the few days and weeks in which it has been available to the public. Here in the UK, we had EE release the first 5G system, and despite having only been around since the 30th of May, it has proven to be an incredibly game-changing concept.

It should come as no surprise to anybody that 5G will redefine the market for mobile phones, and change the way that we look at our download speeds and Internet capabilities. However, will change the way we look at videos? More specifically, can it alter the fundamental beliefs we have about streaming videos from our smartphones? We are going to be taking a look.

Our Current System

Okay, so. Our current system for streaming videos on the go is 4G. You know how it is because you’ve probably experienced this before. You are out and about and trying to download a video to watch, and there isn’t enough bandwidth. The 4G that you have cannot cope with the demand you’re putting on it. It may download the video eventually, but it’s got a buffer, and it’s going to look terrible, and it’s a standard that you don’t have to put up with.

And that is just the problem. 4G is shared amongst so many people these days that download speeds have hit an all-time low. It’s difficult to properly watch your clip or film because everyone else is trying to do a similar thing.

5G – The New Craze

Okay, let’s talk about 5G. It is the new network on the block. Because it has been designed with cutting edge technology, and a better understanding of how to tap into the electromagnetic spectrum which enables mobile phone signal, this is a definite improvement over 4G. It is 20 times faster than its predecessor and makes downloading 4K movies look like childsplay.

Yes, we did mention an electromagnetic spectrum. This is a naturally occurring phenomenon. Basically, it’s a series of different patterns of radiation which generate mobile phone signals. You might recognise it as being infrared light. Within the context of mobile phones however, it means that you can get a signal in places like football stadiums and train stations. These are places where it used to be impossible to get a clear and strong signal. However, that’s not the case now.

In conclusion, it’s evident that you’re going to want to convert to 5G as soon as you can. It’s going to change the way that we look at streaming videos. There are no two ways about it. With superior download speeds and overall improved quality, 5G will be the ultimate way to watch on the go. Streaming videos is something more and more people do every day. And what a lot of people don’t know is that 4G is a network is old and tired. The way to do things is going to be 5G, and we cannot wait to see it fully introduced into every significant provider so that everyone can enjoy movies at a higher speed and quality than ever before.