5G has arrived

5G – Brought to You by EE

So, with 5G on the horizon, a lot of people are getting very excited to experience this ultrafast network for themselves. There was something of a good-natured pool in the world of mobile phone contract providers as to which network provider would have the privilege of unveiling the coverage for the first time.

As we suspected, that distinct privilege in the UK goes to EE. As our exclusive partner in the world of mobile phone deals, we could not be prouder for them to be able to have this honour. We are going to be taking a look at some of the details, to keep you up to speed on what our friends over at EE are going to be doing and indeed have already done.

The Revolution Has Begun

The 30th of May marked the beginning of 5G for the UK, with EE debuting the new network in several key locations across the country. London, Manchester, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Belfast and Birmingham were the cities which had the privilege of getting access to 5G before anyone else.

People who live in these areas will need to pay £54 a month to gain access to the 5G network, which is currently available on a handful of handsets. EE themselves estimate that “next-generation 5G“ will not be fully available until 2022, but the initial release is incredibly impressive.

While some people may flinch at the increased price, there is no doubt that the benefits that can come from 5G far outweigh this initial cost. For example, improved capacity is one of the main selling points of the network, promising more coverage in locations which typically have none, such as underground train stations and sporting/event stadiums. The average speeds for the system will also be jacked up from 50Mb per second up to 150Mb per second, which is an incredible feat.

An Enticing Package

Despite the heavily promised increase in speed, official experts within the mobile phone industry are keen to assert that the benefits of 5G are not just limited to faster processing. It’s also been said that a brand-new augmented reality game based on the works of Harry Potter will be bundled with 5G and made available to the customers before anyone else, as a way of demonstrating the increased capacity which the handsets and the network will have. The game itself is being helmed by Niantic, developers who are well known for producing the excellent Pokémon GO game, so it will be interesting to see what they come up with based on J. K. Rowling‘s incredible works.

In conclusion, the release of 5G was a heavily publicised event, and we are keen to see how it develops and grows over the next few years. With all the major providers aiming to release a device which can support 5G within the next 12 months or so, you can be sure that it’s going to become more and more available.

We are exceptionally proud of EE for being able to release 5G ahead of everyone else, and it’s just one of the reasons why we chose to partner up with them in the first place. They hold themselves to the same excellent standard of customer service that we do, and so we know that they will continue to innovate within their industry, just as much as we will in ours. Check out our website for the latest 5G.