5 Healthy Eating Apps You Need For Your Phone

Eating healthy is one of the hardest things to do, willpower versus temptation and which wins is a matter of debate. A bad day in the office can send us into junk food mode and avoiding the trap can be really difficult. Having some easy to find apps to help you stay on track is really useful, and thankfully there are loads on offer that can really help.

Whether they are packed full of information about the right foods to eat or contain loads of easy to follow healthy meal and snack recipes, having a few on hand can make all the difference between happy, healthy eating and diet disaster. Here are a few to get your teeth into, and no we are not sorry for the pun!

Change4Life Food Scanner App

Metro Blog Change4Life Food Scanner App

This app has been developed by Public Health England and is a really smart app that can help families sort the good from the bad. The premise is really simple, all you have to do is scan the barcode of the food you are interested in learning about, and the breakdown of what it contains will be displayed for you.

This also generates a range of healthier alternatives if you have inadvertently picked something less than perfect. Snacks under 100 calories come with a thumbs up if they are also not too high in sugar, salt or saturated fat.

The app contains loads of useful information and tips for making healthier food choices. It is a great educational app as you will soon learn which products are likely to be bad and quickly become able to guess what the scanner is going to say. A great free app for the supermarket weekly shopping trip.

FitMenCook App

Metro blog fit men cook app

Perhaps not the most politically correct name for an app but we do like this one. It tackles the myths that surround healthy eating, things that often crop up, like eating healthy food is too expensive, and decent meals take far too long to prepare.

Founder Kevin Curry wanted to change his life and in turn, pay it forward and help others take control of theirs. After pouring over literally hundreds of recipe books, he came up with a collection of 445 meals that met all of his criteria. He decided that the meals should be easy to prepare and not too expensive.

The food must be tasty, vibrant and never dull, there should be some ability to prepare in advance and finally a link that following all of these steps brings about a realistic fitness goal.  The app offers shopping lists, instructional videos and hundreds of other tips and tricks to ensure that following the meals is easy. In-app purchases unlock even more features.

Healthy Recipes App

Metro blog Healthy Recipes App

No prizes for guessing what this app offers. Seriously, this is a great app that contains thousands of healthy eating recipes. When we say thousands, the app actually boasts over 100000 plus for you to choose from. The app works offline which is great if you want to avoid using data allowances and are not connected to the internet. Meals are broken down into the time of day, from excellent breakfast choices that have been designed to keep you going until it is time to choose from the lunch meals, which are all healthy and delicious, and then on to dinner.

The app also contains snacks and dessert ideas as well as allowing you to search by dietary need. You can collect and organise your favourite meals so you can easily find them again and even share them with family and friends. Each meal has a shopping list so you can be sure you have exactly what you need every time. A free app with advertising and in-app purchases to add to the functionality.

Healthy Weight Loss Recipes App

Metro blog Healthy Weight Loss Recipes App

With photos of finished meals to make you really hungry, this is another excellent app that has a myriad of menu plans and recipes on offer. You can sort food by meals, and here are some great smoothie recipes included too. There are 12 recipes in every group, and the makers are keen to convey that all the recipes have been designed to be quick and easy to prepare which is perfect for the busy lives we all lead.

Common ingredients with no speciality foods need you will also get a breakdown per serving of vital information like calories, fat, protein and other things. A simple to use app that gives a great choice without overwhelming the users with far too much choice. This is the perfect starting point for anyone wishing to amend their ways and start eating more healthy. A free to download app, highly recommended.

SuperFood Healthy Recipes App

Metro blog Superfood Healthy Recipes App

In its own words, SuperFood – Healthy Recipes offers free access to tasty and healthy recipes using regional ingredients that you can save in your grocery list. All meals are calorie counted which means you can effectively track your whole day food intake. As the name suggests, there is a slant towards superfoods. These are foods that are considered therapeutic in nature and able to combat symptoms of disease and in some cases help the body heal. Superfoods are also regarded as good for the immune system strengthening the body from within. You will find vegan and vegetarian choices which are great as there is often a shortage of these recipes and you will have access to a seasonal calendar for veggies and fruits in your country.

Learn about the superfoods so you can correctly pick the ones that will best help you and share your discoveries with friends and family. As mentioned the grocery list can be built and then taken to the supermarket with you to make sure you have everything you need.