10 Best Home Cooking Apps for Android Devices

Gone are the days of having to read your Jamie Oliver or Swearing Mr Ramsey’s cookbooks. Cooking guides are now digital and there are thousands of Apps to choose from. Sometimes its difficult to get inspired and step outside of your usual choices. Google Play store has cooking apps to suit anyone’s needs.


Cookpad isn’t just a cooking app, it’s a social cooking app. You can share your recipes with your friends and family and upload then for public use. It comes with every day simple recipes to extravagant dishes that seem impossible to achieve. It covers most languages and translates recipes which means you can try some very interesting foreign dishes. The search functionality is great. You can choose to search recipes, meal types or by ingredients. Cookpad is free but does offer several in-app purchases. With over 10 million downloads this is one of the most used cooking apps for android phones.

Tasty Cooking App

Tasty isn’t just a cooking app, its like having your own couch teaching you how to make your favourite dishes. It comes with step by step instructions for every recipe. One cool feature is the app keeps the phone or tablet awake whilst you are cooking so you don’t get those greasy finger prints on the screen. You can search recipes by speed, cuisine, ingredients and difficulty. You can even go a little deeper and filter by low carb and gluten free. Surprisingly Tasty has only been downloaded over 100,000 times.

Allrecipes Dinner Spinner App

Allrecipes is a great app for finding new recipes and experimenting. There are amazing step by step tutorials to help someone who has never cooked before. The search functionality includes ingredients, dietary and cooking time. Its basically a community of 30 million budding chefs in the making. One great feature is “cook whats on sale”, Allrecipes have partnered with some stores to fire recipes into your inbox based on what foods on sale in the store.

Hebbars kitchen App

Hebbars kitchen is for the Indian food lovers.  It was the first Indian cooking app to offer step by step guides in pictures and videos. The recipes come from all over India, so you get a huge range of dishes with different tastes and character. The search functionality works on a keyword basis. The categories feature helps you find any dish, breaking down from snacks or breakfast to roti or rice dishes. It doesn’t have the largest community but for Indian food fans this app will open you up to new recipes daily.

Healthy Recipes App

Healthy Recipes App

The name says it all really, this is one of the best healthy cooking apps in Google play store. It comes with over 100,000 recipes. It covers everything from breakfast to desserts and snacks. It also comes with a handy shopping list feature which works offline. The unlimited offline usage means you can use this app anywhere and lose any of the features. The detailed nutritional information is handy if you are practising a calorie controlled diet.

1000+ Chinese Recipes App

We all love Chinese food, but we often stick with what we know. This is the best Chinese cooking app for android by far. It’s a coach that shows you the recipes, how to cook them with simple step by step instructions. The video tutorials are a great help and really teach you that Chinese cooking is actually quite simple in comparison to other cuisine.

Italian Recipes - Best Italian Food Recipes

If you’re a fan of the spicy meat-a-ball this is the app for you. It comes with a large range of Italian dishes from your simple carbonara to not so simple dishes like berry and nut semifreddo. It covers food for any time of the day from breakfast, snacks, dinner and dessert. It shows all the nutritional value of every recipe and is available offline.

Frence Cuisine Cookbook App

This is great for beginners and budding chefs. It covers dishes for any time of day and comes with step by step instructions for every recipe. You can add reviews of other people’s dishes and get yours reviews by other members of the community. French cooking apps are not as popular as your Italian and Chinese apps but this one has got you covers for any French dish you can think off.

German Recipes with Photo Offline

It never really occurs to people to give German recipes a go. Its actually good hearty food but it would work well for a fitness fanatic. It allows you to search via ingredient, but this can be a little difficult as most non-German people wont know what the ingredients are anyway. This is a great German cooking app which gives step by step guidance on every recipe. You can search by ingredient, cooking time, calorie count and even alcohol volume! It works well offline and has a great range of recipes for children to try.

Easy Polish Cuisine App

Polish recipes are like German recipes and there aren’t many apps. After trying a few this one is easily the best polish cooking app available on Android. The tutorials are clear and come in HD. The search functionality is limited but its great to discover random polish recipes and five them a go.