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Best Huawei Contract Deals & Upgrades

Our mission at Metrofone is to ensure that our customers get access to all of the best pay monthly mobile phone deals on the biggest range of handsets right across the board. We are committed to making sure that not only do you end up with the smartphone handset that you really want you also get the best value for your money and bring your mobile phone deal in on budget.

South Korean mobile phone geniuses Huawei is making a lot of noise at the moment, coming up with release after release that leaves everyone gasping in amazement. To say these guys are legendary would be to sell them short. Over just a few years they have risen through the ranks and totally captured the hearts of the UK phone using public. Widely regarded as one of the top three to watch when it comes to mobile phone providers, Huawei brings innovation and class to the table with a range of handsets that really set them apart.

The Huawei range of handsets is wide and encompasses phones in all categories from budget to high-end, and this is where they really excel. With sleek and beautiful designs it is little wonder, so many people want to own one of their premium phones. The OLED HD screens are a joy to use and their placement of such technology as fingerprint scanners are both clever and stylish. As soon as you pick up a Huawei, you will know that you are holding a quality handset that fills you with confidence. The latest Huawei handsets also feature brand new gesture technology that gives the user the ability to take selfies hands-free.

Huawei has the ability to combine creativity and technology and still arrive at a price tag that can only be described as outstandingly reasonable. For this reason, they opened themselves up to a larger share of the market and users are thrilled to own a Huawei handset. After all their handsets have awesome functionality packed into the small space of a phone. At Metrofone we want to make sure that you can have the deal that you really want with the Huawei handset of your choice, so we have bagged some really exclusive offering. Being one of the leading mobile phone retailers we have some pretty impressive sway when it comes to negotiated and we managed to get the latest phones at the best prices.

to free calls for travellers within the EU. Now we know that our customers love to go on holiday and many more travel regularly for work so this is one perk we had to be able to offer.

.ust to really spoil our customers we do not stop there, we also take great joy in being able to offer many of our already awesome monthly contract deals with the addition of a handset at no upfront cost, and with unlimited texts and talk time. Simply find a data package that meets your needs and look for the no upfront cost marker. When it comes to working out how much data you need we do recommend you take some time. If you are not sure of how much data might work for you then please do speak to one of our amazing customer service team members as they are able to help you with this. If you underestimate your data requirement, you can end up with some pretty big charges on your monthly bill, and this is a nasty surprise that no one needs to find. We have also managed to secure a range of deals that have cash back offered which adds to the already brilliant deal and reduces the monthly cost even further.

So all you have to do is pick the Huawei smartphone handset that suits you best and place your order. Then you will discover we have one more treat for you in the form of free next day delivery. We know how exciting it is to get a new handset so we really do not think anyone should have to wait for theirs either.

If you would like to ask any questions about any of the Huawei handsets that we offer or want to learn more about any of the great deals we have here on offer at Metrofone then why not give our awesome customer service team a call. They are based here in the UK and are highly skilled in mobile phones and the contracts that we offer. They can be reached on 0333 900 1144.

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